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The Perfect Process For Your Ideal Home

Your time and your home will be our most essential concerns in this fast and straightforward process.


Phone Consultation

Get in touch with us by filling out our form. After we receive your request, we’ll get back to you with a phone consultation to talk about your wishes and next steps. We’ll also provide you with an estimate and schedule an on-site consultation.


On-Site Consultation

We’ll come to your place to see your home and start visualizing your project. Our Contractors will tell you exactly what your project will entail and what we’ll need to make it happen. The on-site consultation comes with a fee of $300.



Sign The Contract

After we agree upon the final estimate and the design, we’ll be ready to sign the contract. We will discuss materials, expectations, logistics, and the timeline of your project.



Protect Your Home And Site

All of our projects go through the same safety guidelines so that your home and family are kept safe. We protect all areas that won’t be part of the remodel while making sure your home is structurally secure before proceeding to any demolition work. 


Pre-Job Walkthrough

Before we start working, we’ll walk through the site with our team and discuss what’s going to change, how, and when. You’ll know exactly how the transformation will go and you’ll be told of every detail.



Work Begins

Depending on the scope of work, we will be on-site from one week to two months. During this time, we will make sure you and your family are comfortable and informed.




After the project is complete, our team will make the place look nice and neat. We clean up after ourselves every day, and, on the final day, your home will look brand new.



Post-Job Walkthrough

Before we leave, we’ll do another walkthrough where you’ll see how your home transformed into your ideal one. From this point on, you can start organizing a well-deserved BBQ with your family and friends to celebrate your new home.




Five-Year Warranty

Besides a five-year labor warranty, you also benefit from the manufacturer’s warranty on materials. If something happens that is within our control and included in the warranty and contract, we’ll get it fixed for you free of charge.



Our Follow-Up Plan

We would love to hear from you about how everything turned out. You’ll receive a call from us after three days, three weeks, and three months to make sure you’re happy with your remodel. After 12 months, we come to your place in person to see how your updated home is looking. If you’re thinking of another project, we would love to hear about it!

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